Geo Nation Global – Is It Scam or Legit!

As the holiday season is soon approaching, people are gearing up for vacations and holiday with family and friends. The best way to plan your vacation is by purchasing holidays packages from reliable sources online. Geo Nation Global is a leading travel agency selling different holiday packages for family vacations and holidays across the world.

But, when it comes to book a travel package, vacationers often look for agency’s legitimacy. They always want to purchase the holiday packages from reliable sources to stay protected and save money. Geo Nation Global has created a niche in the industry with reliable services and affordable holiday packages for people all budget ranges.

Unfortunately, some miscreants are doing wrong things with the innocent and valuable customers, sending them fake text messages and calling them on behalf of Geo Nation to do scam. Therefore, it is to update all the valuable customers to ignore such calls and text messages as Geo Nation holds no liability for such scam messages and calls.

Is Geo Nation Scam or Legit?

There are many parameters that are used by agencies and authorities to check site’s legitimacy. Based on those parameters, it can’t be said that Geo Nation is a scam company responsible for those scam messages and calls.

  • Geo Nation has been serving its clients since 2011. If it is a scam website, it will never have its existence since 2011.
  • Secondly, Geo Nation Global has secured the trust score of 86% and it a good score to confirm its legitimacy. Plus, the trust ranking of the website is 100% of major portals.
  • The services and website have been praised by many customers and it is proved from the online reviews it has received from multiple consumers. The company has received positive reviews with 3.7-star rating on Trustpilot. It proves that the company is not doing any scam and serving the customers with reliability and quality services.
  • Majority of the customers are happy and satisfied with the services offered by the staff. They take proper care of the customers and assist them in choosing the right holiday packages, booking flights and hotel rooms for a memorable holiday experience.
  • Based on all these findings, Geo Nation Global can’t be considered a scam service or website. Valuable consumers who are receiving any bogus emails or scam calls must ignore them as it is not from the company. These scam calls and texts are from miscreant to target innocent people.

    Is Geo Nation Scam – What Customers Have to Say?

    As mentioned, we have found multiple reviews with a 3.7-star rating from consumers. Many consumers have confirmed that Geo Nation Global is a reliable service provider, selling affordable and exciting holiday packages for family and sole vacation.
    Many consumers said that the staff is very friendly and they serve their customers with full passion and zeal. They help in every step to book flight tickets, hotel rooms and choose the right holiday packages depending upon the needs and budget.
    So, the answer to Is Geo Nation Scam or Legit has been answered. People have shared positive reviews and it proves that the website is not a scam. Some miscreants are doing wrongful things online by calling people and duping them. Such calls and text messages must be ignored.

    All About the Scam!

    Geo Nation is regularly updating their valuable customers about a new scam targeting people across the world. The company has officially announced that Geo Nation Global is not directly or indirectly engaged in such scams performed by the miscreants. Therefore, the officials are asking everyone to ignore such scam calls and text messages.
    Miscreants are targeting the Geo Nation’s customers via text messages and calls and asking them to join a free raffle draw to win exciting gifts and up to 20% discounts on attractions and events. The miscreants are alluring the customers by urging them to enroll for the draw to win cruise dinner, stay in hotels and more.
    However, Geo Nation has released a statement urging people to avoid such scam calls and text messages as it is not from the officials and authorities at Geo Nation. So, it is urged that anyone who is receiving such scam calls and text messages must report it to Geo Nation at +971 42909400 or email it to


    Geo Nation has been into the travel business since 2011 and serving the clients with affordable services and holiday packages to cater to their holidaying needs. Unfortunately, some miscreants are doing scams and targeting the valuable customers with fake calls and text messages. They are claiming to offer free gifts and discounts to customers who will enroll for raffle draw.
    However, the company has already announced that they are not offering any such gifts via calls and texts or urging people to sign-up for fake raffle draw for gifts and discounts on holiday packages. Therefore, people must ignore such scam messages and calls and report it to Please note Geo Nation Global is not liable for any such scam calls and text messages. Anyone who have signed up for the scam draw will be held liable for it and Geo Nation Global will not be liable for any losses incurred in the process.



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